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The theme of CARE 2006 was Hollywood - Past and Future!

A big part of Hollywood history is the Grauman's Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. (Currently renamed the Mann Theatre). There have been very few child actors who were honored by being asked to put their hands and feet in the permanently displayed cement there. They are representatives of the history of child actors in Hollywood.

Jackie Cooper, Age 8

Jackie Cooper, December 12, 1931

Jackie signed in connection with the MGM film "The Champ".  His ceremony took place during the holidays, so he was accompanied by Santa Claus and 2000 children who were there to attend a morning screening of the movie. Sid Grauman added the inscription "America's Boy" to the cement without Jackie knowing.  Few actors have a 'nickname' in their square.

Jackie Cooper

Shirley Temple, March 14, 1935

Before she put her handprints at Grauman's Chinese Theatre, she lost a baby tooth. In front of the large crowd, she was unable to tell anyone about the huge gap in her smile. Like a true professional, she placed the tooth discreetly in her pocket before giving a huge beaming smile for the camera - with her lips tightly pressed together. She also wanted to make her 'impression' with bare feet, rather than with shoes. Why? She "just wanted to be different".

Shirley Temple

Freddie Bartholomew, 1936

Freddie placed his handprints at Grauman's related to "Little Lord Fauntleroy".  The inscription reads "With Many Thanks and Appreciation to Sid Grauman (print).  Freddie Bartholomew (cursive).  His studio tutor gave him a special handwriting lesson in preparations for "signing" his cement square.

Freddie Bartholomew

Deanna Durbin, 1938

Deanna was known as a phenomenal singer and actress.  She and Mickey Rooney received a Special Academy Award "for their significant contribution in bringing to the screen the spirit and personification of youth, and juvenile players setting a high standard of ability and achievement".

Mickey Rooney, October 18, 1938

His first square deteriorated from aging, but he did another one in 1986.  He accompanied Judy Garland for her ceremony and can be seen with her in the picture below.

Judy Garland, October 10, 1939

In preparation for the event, Judy was wearing false nails. Unfortunately the concrete hardened under her nails. Her Mom followed behind her and "fixed" a letter she had written after she left.

Jane Withers   November 6, 1939

Jane was one of the most popular child stars of the 30's, and the antithesis to perfection of Shirley Temple.  Jane was "real" as casting would say today.  Sid Grauman had met Jane many years prior, before she ever did an acting job.  She was a frequent movie patron and autograph collector.  Grauman was so supportive of her success that when she got to place her handprints at the theater, he went all out: he had a lighted sign made that said, "Jane Withers as Ginger, Hollywood's Newest Star", and a banner strung across the street that said "You'll Love Ginger".

Margaret O'Brien, August 15, 1946

Our very own Special CARE Awardee!!

Margaret O'Brien

Hayley Mills, February 22, 1964

In true 60's fashion, Haley Mills (best known for Disney's Pollyanna and the original Parent Trap) signed her square "FAB" as in fabulous!  She was assisted in the ceremony by her parents, and paid homage to her father with the inscription "Dad's Birthday" in the cement.

Ron Howard

Ron Howard, March 23, 1999

Although he didn't receive his handprint ceremony as a child, he is a very famous former child actor turned director.

Ron Howard

And these folks - although not child actors - are kind of fun! Snow White and the Seven Dwarves participated in a handprint ceremony in 2004. Although the original is not permanently displayed out in the courtyard, it is usually on display inside the theatre. This was a more recent event, celebrating Snow White - An Enchanting Musical Stage Show at Disneyland.


Bashful & Doc


Dopey & Grumpy


Happy & Sleepy


Sneezy and Snow White

Snow White