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BizParentz In The news - 2009

Fall/Winter 2009  Screen Actor Magazine
SAG, Lawmakers Celebrate Passage of California Law to Protect Actors

By Screen Actors Guild

11/18/09  Backstage NY
But What About the Kids?  
By Daniel Holloway

11/13/09  NPR National Public Radio
Activists Want Tougher Rules for Reality TV Kids  
By Deborah Tedford

The Actors Voice: Your Turn 
by Bonnie Gillespie

11/02/09  KCRW (NPR, Santa Monica)
The Business: To Catch a Hollywood Con Artist
by Matt Hozman

10/26/09  Calgary Herald (Canada), National Post
Kids on TV: Just Harmless Entertainment?    
by Kathryn Blaze Carlson    

10/23/09 California Chronicle
Screen Actors Guild Announces Passage of Consumer Legislation    
By California Political Desk

10/23/09  RTV Channel Music News
California Passes New Law to Protect Child Actors From Scams


10/22/09  Sacramento Bee
Paparazzi’s Publishers Now in the Picture as Lawsuit Targets (AB524)    

By Jim Sanders     

10/22/09  SAG Announces Passage of Consumer Protection Legislation
Press Conference                             Video of press conference (30 min)    

10/22/09  Los Angeles Times
California Passes New Law to Protect Child Actors From Scams 
By Richard Verrier   

10/22/09  Variety
SAG Heralds Law Protecting Kid Actors
By Dave McNary    

10/22/09  Backstage
SAG, Lawmakers Celebrate Anti-Scam Bill     
By David Holloway  

10/22/09  ShootOnline
Screen Actors Guild Announce Passage of Consumer Protection Legislation

10/21/09  The Wrap
SAG, California Pass Consumer Protection Bill   
By Sharon Wexler   

10/21/09  KNX 1070 News Radio Los Angeles 
(every hour)
California Passes Talent Scam Bill

10/21/09   NBC Los Angeles
Channel 4 News Los Angeles 6:00PM 
Talent Scams
By Alycia Lane

10/21/09  NBC Los
Crackdown on the Price of Fame
By Reva Hicks    

7/22/09  Los Angeles City Attorney Press Release  
Talent Manager Convicted for Operating Unlicensed Home for Child Actors (PDF)

6/10/09  Creative Kids blog
A Word of Caution About Talent Agents    
By Marnie Fera       

3/31/09  BonBlogs Spynotebook
CARE 2009 Awards    
By Bonnie Gillespie     

3/16/09  Wire Services Photo Galleries        
Wire Image
5th Annual CARE Awards Red Carpet Photos

By Michael Bezjian 



AdMedia Photo


Hollywood Upclose

3/16/09  Contact Music
The BizParentz Foundation’s 5th Annual CARE Awards to Honor Showbiz Kids

3/07/09   The Actor’s Journey
Stanley Livingston Honored with CARE Award    

3/07/09 CARE Awards to Honor Child Stars Past and Present
Press Release (wide national release)    

March 2009 Southern California Law Review Vol. 82, Number 3 
"Reality's Kids: Are Children Who Participate on Reality Television Shows Covered Under the Fair Labor Standards Act?"
By Adam P. Greenberg 

2/11/09  Backstage
The Working Actor   Paying (and Paying, and Paying) PDF 
By Jackie Apodoca

1/05/09 KFUV Public Radio (NYC)
Broadway’s Impressionism     
By Robin Shannon   

January 2009  Self-Management for Actors Third Edition (book)  (link goes to the BizParentz Amazon Store)
By Bonnie Gillespie