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BizParentz In The News - 2006

December 9, 2006, Flint Journal

Local Photographer Facing Porn Charges Says He’ll Shut Down Sites…

By Ron Fonger

October 12, 2006, Backstage West

For Young Performers Has All the Allure

By Evan Henerson

October 12, 2006, Backstage West - Spotlight on Young Performers

Sing Out Louise: How can parents of young performers balance good business and competent child-rearing?

By Evan Henerson

August 2006,

Resources for Showbiz Kids

July 27, 2006, CNN Showbiz Tonight (TV)

Children and Sex Scenes

July 23, 2006, Showfax: The Actors Voice

It’s Still About Respect

By Bonnie Gillespie

July 20, 2006, CNN Showbiz Tonight (TV)

Too Young to Play Rape

June 4, 2006, New York Times Magazine

Hollywood Elementary (cover story)

by Adrian LeBlanc      

May 22, 2006, Showfax: The Actors Voice

Bad Headshots, Good Headshots II

By Bonnie Gillespie

April 27, 2006, Backstage West

Kid Pics for Sale

Showbiz parentz petition eBay To stop controversial auctions

By Nicole Kristal

April 3, 2006, Petition Spot

Ebay: Stop Allowing Erotic Photos to be sold

March 2006, Adelphia Cable

Hollywood Speaks (TV)

Kid Stars Speak

March 2006, Young Star News

2nd Annual CARE Awards (Link no longer available)

February 2006, Self-Management for Actors Revised 2nd Ed. (book)    

By Bonnie Gillespie