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We are very concerned about the legitimacy of these businesses and do not support their business model. BizParentz would like to assist any families or media in regard to this matter and we welcome emails from interested parties at

Watch the news stories from around
the country: 

* Update: Hollywood Promises; "The Event" Responds -  11/10/2011

* Call Kurtis Investigates: Talent Scouting Event Leaves Families Feeling Deceived - Sacramento 10/31/2011

Kids Talent Auditions Are Free - But Be Prepared To Pay  Seattle, WA  9/23/11

* Getting Your Kids Discovered Without Spending Thousands Upfront - follow up to above  Seattle, WA  9/27/11

The Parent Trap - ACA Australia  9/22/11

* THE Event: Where Dreams Come True?  Detroit, MI  09/14/11

* Weekend Audition Not Affiliated with Disney Channel - Jacksonville, FL  9/02/11

* THE returns to Mobile  - Mobile, AL  7/29/11


* KDKA Investigation:  Costly Auditions  05/19/11

* Parents complain about talent agency's practices - Portland "THE"   01/17/11


Inside Edition's Hidden Camera Investigation Into A Child Acting School   Airdate  3/02/10

* New Hampshire ABC News "THE" Orlando Event 10/29/09


What does the legitimate industry have to say about some talent search business models?
Read Letter of Support for California bill AB1319 from
The Walt Disney Company

Read Letter of Support for California bill AB1319 from
 The Motion Picture Association of America, Inc.

Other articles to assist you in understanding how this works.
Find our article about Talent Scams here:
Avoiding Scams

Hearing different things from different people?
 We know it can be difficult deciding who to believe 
Unfortunately those who believe what they are told by the
 exploiting companies often aren't the best source
 of information, and are often used as unknowing pawns.
Who do you believe?