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Louisiana Child Performer Trust Act (2005)

Louisiana passed their version of the Coogan law, Act 147, just before the hurricane hit New Orleans in 2005, as the film industry was expanding there. This bill, also known as SB158 was sponsored by Senator Jay Dardenne and was supported by SAG and AFTRA. The law took effect on 8/15/2005.

The Louisiana law includes the following:

  1. Applies to actors, singers, etc but not professional athletes. Applies only to work contracts of $500 and up , so background work is not affected by this law.
  2. Establishes a blocked trust account system , very similar to California 's system. Louisiana “Coogan” accounts are to be set up by the parents—BOTH parents must be listed as trustees—before the execution of the contract. The account may not be charged fees, by law, and parents are charged with investing in a combination of bonds, CDs or savings accounts at the highest possible interest rate without risking the principal. 15% of the minors earnings are to be deposited into this blocked account.
  3. Unpaid Coogan: If an account is not set up within 30 days of the last day of employment, the employer may send the funds to the Treasurer of the State of Louisiana who will hold the funds in trust.
  4. Provides for education of the minor if the child is absent from school for two or more days within a 30 period. Student to teacher ratio must be 1:10.
  5. Establishes a work permit for minors which is to be issued by the Louisiana Department of Labor.

The full text of the bill can be found at: