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Supporting families of children working in the entertainment industry

Getting Started

The articles in this section are geared to those just starting to be involved in the entertainment industry. These are the basic concepts that will provide a strong foundation for a child's career. The beginning is an exciting time, the start of what will hopefully be many fun and successful moments.

However, this industry presents some very unique challenges, and there are many pitfalls awaiting families at this stage. Especially critical are the scams and safety issues. Parents new to the industry (affectionately called "newbies") are targeted by unscrupulous people who count on there being a lack of knowledge and an abundance of trust, very similar to the tragic cons often directed at elderly people. We urge you to educate yourself and carefully consider your choices and decisions.

Please know that at BizParentz, we want you to be successful in the industry! And even more than that we want your child to grow up well-balanced and happy, with a pocketful of wonderful memories. Welcome!