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Fi-Core Resources

The Financial Core Handbook by Mark McIntire. Sharequest Publishing, 15th Edition updated in 2004. Mr. McIntire is also the President of the Financial Core Foundation, a Professor of Philosophy at UC Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara City College and was himself a SAG board member who declared financial core.

Betrayal: How Union Bosses Shake Down Their Members and Corrupt American Politics by Linda Chavez and Daniel Gray. Crown Forum, NY, 2004.


  • Telephone Conference with Todd Amorde and Sally Tich of the Screen Actors Guild on 6/4/07.
  • Telephone Conference with Sally Tich, Screen Actors Guild Manager of Member Education on 8/13/07 and 8/17/07.
  • Telephone Conference with Judy Carpenter (designated financial core information staff person) and Todd Amorde, Director of Membership for the Screen Actors Guild on 4/21/04
  • Telephone Conference with Judy Carpenter; Vickie Shapiro, Assistant General Counsel for the Screen Actors Guild; Pamm Fair, Deputy National Executive Director Policy and Strategic Planning for the Screen Actors Guild on 4/30/04.

Legal Perspectives:

National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, Inc. Also,

Former Brady Bunch Star Files Federal Charges against National Actors Union


Actor perspectives

Jon Voight vs. Screen Actors Guild

Jonís actual letter about why he went Fi-core

One Actorís Story: The Screen Actors Guild by Corey Blake, President/CEO of Elevation9000 Film Lab

Producer/Agent Perspectives

In Texas

In Seattle

News Articles

Variety, ďSAG Gets Tough on QuittersĒ by Dave McNarry
Variety, in regard to the WGA strike and those who go fi-core during a strike,

Backstage articles by Lauren Horwitch

SAG to Penalize Fi-core Actors

Jackie Apodaca of Backstage, lists her article and discussion

Jon Voight

iCom Magazine interviews VO actors (scroll to bottom for Fi-core info)