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The BizParentz Foundation is a non-profit corporation providing education, advocacy, and charitable support to parents and children engaged in the entertainment industry. The organization promotes a positive public image regarding child performers and educates the public regarding the safety and rights of child performers including child labor laws and regulations.

BizParentz is a collaborative effort of parents, government, and industry organizations. Parent members actively help others by bringing legislative issues to the forefront, researching industry solutions, writing educational articles, and planning special events. Industry organizations provide the Foundation with a variety of resources including facilities and services.
BizParentz would like to thank all of those for their generous contributions to the Foundation!


NEW  January 1, 2014  Change to Coogan Law for Background and Extra Performers

California legislation which amends the previous requirements for Coogan Account withholdings by employers, has been enacted.  The change is, in part:  "... it is required that 15 percent of the minor's gross earnings be set aside by the minor's employer, except an employer of a minor for services as an extra, background performer, or in a similar capacity...." 
In other words, there will no longer be 15% withheld from a child working in California for Coogan Trust Account purposes.  

Although BizParentz feels very strongly about the moral and legal issues surrounding minor's earnings - we supported this legislation because of the overwhelming evidence that the system was most likely doing more harm than good for this level of wage earner.  The Actors Fund reported that they were the recipient of 36,000 individual deposits (monies sent to them by employers who had withheld earnings and did NOT deposit them into their employees Coogan Account).  Of the 36,000 accounts - 31,000 of them were for amounts less than $99.00.  (Data from April, 2013). In addition to that, financial institutions continue to raise monetary requirements for opening accounts, and charging fees.  Please note, however, that there is nothing in the law that says a parent shouldn't or can't make a 15% of earnings deposit on behalf of their child.

Even more importantly, this amendment does not change the law in California that states the earnings of the minor belong to the minor 100%, rather than the family.  Please continue to make wise financial decisions on behalf of your child.

NEW  January 2014 - California Child Performer's Protection Act  
This law has a profound effect on many of the individuals our children deal with every day. The DLSE process has been completed and information for both parents and for those service providers needing to apply for a permit can be found here:
We (parents) are on our own with efforts to educate both the service providers and other families. Please email us at if you would be willing to take on some specific volunteer duties related to this educational effort.
Please visit our Child Performer's Protection Act page for more details about the history and need for this law.

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New State of New York Rules for Child Performers
- effective April 1, 2013
We could not provide a better summary or resource than what already exists at
 Kelly Crisp is the unsung hero of the battle for reasonable and workable rules. 


Child Actor Safety

As parents and employers of child actors, we need to be especially concerned about the safety of showbiz kids.

It may be a surprise to some, but predators are rampant in our industry. Some are out to make money from exploiting kids’ images, others are servicing a clientele that are interested in darker things—pedophilia and child molestation. The danger is a lot closer than you think…in the last few years we have seen arrests of managers, photographers, publicists, directors and production assistants.

When BizParentz was founded, our goal was to provide an up to date resource for parents about the industry, including laws, guidelines and 'how-to's". Our vision was to help families avoid making the same mistakes we did, and help them shorten their learning curve. We wanted to give good, honest, unaffected-by-money information. Since then, we have come to realize that there is a much greater need for the sharing of information than we ever imagined, and it has to do with safety. While we still believe strongly that a young performer's career can be incredibly positive, we have to put emphasis on a “negative” that many people aren't aware of, and won't discuss.

Our intent is not to scare you. But please know that there is an element of risk when you enter this industry. You CAN control almost all of the risk, and you CAN keep your child safe. And if you start at the beginning of your child’s journey, it will be much easier!

Please take the time to read all the articles in this section for a full spectrum of information. 

Articles on our site dealing with pedophiles in our industry

Recent press coverage related to pedophiles in Hollywood


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